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We have highly profitable options for E-commerce Founders, Shopify Store Owners, SaaS, Agency, and Amazon FBA Store owners to exit their business in as little as 2 WEEKS, clean and clear!

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Your Deal offers.

Three unique ways to sell your business.

Our specialty is guiding you down the quickest path to the finish line for your store
all while maximizing profitability and eliminating the brain damage!

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This is obviously the best and most desired option, for ALL parties involved! No-one here wants to hold a business hostage for MONTHS!

This is why we WILL qualify your business before we can ever make a confident and legitimate ALL-CASH offer. (LEGITIMATE being the key word. Beware of fakers.)

However, if your business is 'ready', you better be ready to sell, because a cash offer is coming your way, as soon as today.

Look, here are the facts, and we don't sugarcoat it. Some stores sell fast. Some stores sell slow. Some Stores don't sell at all. Plain and simple.

However, we have an extensive network of cash buyers, stock brokers, real estate folks, and just basically all around bad-ass investors that we will present your business to. We know how to present your business in the best light possible.

That's only possible because of the time we take to learn about your business. You'll see. Set up a free consult today.

Look, some stores just are not ready to sell yet. But that in no way means that it is not a valuable asset, perhaps just not mature enough.

Let's partner up! Between your awesome brand and our one in a million marketing team, we'll help you to scale the business UP, while we let the tool of time, season your store for an even more profitable exit down the road!

Each deal is 100% unique and we will structure a deal that is both fair and extremely profitable for all parties involved.

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The process is simple.

It's not brain surgery, but excellent communication is KEY.
Here's basically how it goes:

Step 1

Complete the E-commerce seller store application. We'll then schedule a discovery call to get the juicy details.

Step 2

Zoom Meeting where our top business consultant will learn about your biz and discuss our process.

Step 3

We'll provide a value range for your store, and how we were able to come to that determination.

Step 4

You'll receive a cash offer and/or 2 other options to choose from to sell your store now. We are all about options.

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Your Deal knows

Sellers have questions.

At Your Deal, we're committed to making the process of selling your Shopify store as seamless as possible.

To see if you qualify for our offer, your store must meet the following criteria:

  • Operated for at least 8 months
  • Generated at least $1K Net Profit each month
  • Store is already profitable. (no projections)
  • Majority of customers and sales are based in the United States, UK, or Australia.
  • At least 70% of sales were made on Shopify
  • Product category isn't restricted on Facebook or Google

In a perfect world, your busines, when qualified and packaged properly, can easily be under contract for sale in as little as 2 weeks! That's the goal.

However, the ultimate goal is to make sure that your blood, sweat, and tears are honored, and that means a SALE. And sometimes, depending on the store, niche, and market condietions, it does take a little longer. But that's ok. We want the best deal for you and the most qualified buyer, who will perform!

Our one small request, is that you sign a 45-Day Exclusivity Agreement while we present your store. We think that's fair because of the sheer ammount of time we put into every deal we look at. (many 'brokers' ask for 6-months+)

We deserve your full attention just as you deserve ours. Deal?

Let's just address this BS right away. NO. Of course not. Why not?

The short answer is that it's bad business. No long answer needed.

  1. Present us your store. We will evaluate your store, for FREE.
  2. We will give you our honest valaution range for your store.
  3. We will make an offer to buy your store in one of 3 different ways.

You decide. It's Your Deal.

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Ready to make your grand exit?

If your store is ready for "prime time" we'll get started right away!
And if it's not quite ready, we'll tell you that too, BUT, we'll also tell you why.
We want you to suceceed and we'll develop a plan to get you there!

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