Marketing agencies provide a safe, secure, & profitable vehicle for our savvy investors.

Partner with us passively, in a marketing agency that you own, we operate for you, and that we guarantee the return in.
It's a true WIN-WIN.

Agency Alpha 1 paid out over $171,000 in owner distributions in Year1!

Your Deal offers.

Total support through inception, construction, operation,  and beyond.

Every agency that we offer is guaranteed to be profitable, exclusive, and backed by unmatched fulfillment, execution in all aspects, in a professional matter, that is profitable for ALL parties.

Learn about our marketing agency partner offer.
A 10,000 foot Overview.

In a nutshell, we are building extremely profitable marketing agencies from the ground up, with a 3-5 year exit strategy. In fact, we’ve built multiple successful agencies in the last 18 months.

It has been so fruitful that we decided to bring this offer to market, starting with our close investor pool, as no one else is doing this, that we know of. And not with guaranteed returns that we offer.

Here’s how it works. We partner with investors on a done-for-you marketing agency. Investor can be as involved or not involved as you like. Investors can pick the niche or we can pick it together.

These are standalone Agencies that the investor now owns a piece of, 100% passively, with a guarantee backed by agreements and real assets. It takes not only confidence to offer this type of investment and guaranteed, but also the team to deliver on it. We have both.

The client retainers are such that we can offer a 50% payback of the investment in the first 12 months. i.e on $150k investment, we will pay a guaranteed cash-return of $75k in the first 12 months. Minimum, or we write a check for the balance.

The partnership guarantees:

- 50.1% Equity in the business
- 50% Revenue Share in the business
- 50% Guaranteed Year 1 Return
- Guaranteed MRR in Year 2
- Control of the bank account (we are co-signors)
- 3 or 5-year exit plan with private equity

Obviously, there is quite a bit more to unpack with a deal like this, which will involve a meeting with my partners to see if we are a good fit. We certainly want the right partners. Both directions.

Let's schedulea short Zoom meeting as a meet anf greet of sorts. This will help detemrine if our goals align and to not waste either of our time.
Here's the Booking Link!< - - -

! We Look forward to speaking!

It's Your Deal.

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Your Deal Timeline

The process is simple.

It's not brain surgery, but excellent communication is KEY.
Here's basically how it goes:

Step 1

Reach out, schedule a 30 min. discovery meeting. 

Step 2

Get presented with our agency offer details.

Step 3

Decide on agency niche, start paperwork.

Step 4

Bank account gets funded and agency opens doors.

Ready to step into immediate cash-flow?

Contact us so you will be informed when an agency partnership is available that matches your criteria. Good deals do not last long so it's good to be ready. Let's have a chat.

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